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Monday, February 05, 2007

Unintended consequences, or absolute administration incompetence?

“I wish they would attack us with a nuclear bomb and kill us all,” he added, “so we will rest and anybody who wants the oil — which is the core of the problem — can come and get it. We can not live this way anymore; we are dying slowly every day.” -Abdul Jabbar, Iraqi car mechanic and witness to horror.

Whether we agree with the "surge" or not, it seems the mere announcement of it has had dire consequences. Today, the New York Times takes a look at how the Iraqi's blame the further deteriorating situation in Baghdad on the announcement of the surge, and how it's delay in implementation* is costing lives and turning the long sought after Iraqi heart & mind to occupation stone. Does anyone in the White House think two steps ahead?

Today's NYT piece is your State of the Day sanctioned must read.

*Never fear, however, even if the surge is late in coming, the spin is not. Soon after publication of the NYT piece the White House answered back. This from Reuters: "A U.S.-Iraqi campaign to stabilize Baghdad will begin soon and the offensive against militants will be on a scale never seen during four years of war, American officers said on Sunday."

Update: "The fact that government officials are now saying that it is time to start implementing the plan is a good sign," Bush told reporters as he met with his Cabinet.

The fact that these government officials are asking for the troops because he left a power vacuum by announcing the "surge" before the military was ready (thereby causing even more death and destruction) is lost on the president. Not surprising, but yet I am still surprised.