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Monday, January 15, 2007

It's the grammar, stupid

Last night's 60 Minutes interview with the president has been done to death by the Internets, and has been rounded-up excellently by X below, however, since this bit of the interview got the Mrs.' ire up I figured I'd point it out.
And the temptation is gonna find scapegoats. Well, if the people want a scapegoat, they got one right here in me 'cause it's my decisions.
The Mrs. yelling at the TV: "'Cause it's my decisions? 'Cause they're my decisions. Learn English, you ignorant ass.*"

It would be nice if The Decider would learn how to speak properly, 'cause I don't like it when the Mrs. yells at the TV.

*I added the "ignorant ass" part. I just couldn't resist.