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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

But Clinton Did It!

Shakespeare's Sister puts the whole Clinton defense thing into perspective:
As is their wont, Bush defenders have decided to discuss Clinton’s alleged misdeeds regarding warrantless eavesdropping instead of Bush’s.

For a moment, let’s hypothesize that Clinton did exactly the same thing Bush did, but just didn’t get caught. (That’s not true, but let’s just say it, anyway.) Here’s the thing: I don’t fucking care. And it’s not because I love Clinton (because I don’t), or because he’s a liberal (which he isn’t), or any other reason in the same neighborhood as blind allegiance to the Clenis. It’s because he’s not the president anymore! And he hasn’t been for five bloody years! And I don’t give a tiny drip of dogwank what any former president did or didn’t do when it has nothing to do with what the current president is doing now. What Clinton did about wiretapping in 1994 has about as much to do with what Bush is doing about wiretapping now as pickled pigs’ feet have to do with supernovas. As it happens, I don’t care what Bush Sr. or Reagan did about wiretapping, either.

Give it a rest already. Yeesh.
Give 'em hell Sis!